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*An Important Update for Cable Customers*

On Monday,
June 19th, Demopolis CATV will be making changes to our
analog TV channel line-up to allow us to provide faster internet over
our cable network. The analog channels will be transitioning to SD
and/or HD channels and you will see these changes when you turn on
your TV on that morning!

For the convenience of channel surfing, we encourage you to auto-tune
your TV set to skip through unused channels. To auto-tune your TV set
you will need to go to the menu/settings on your TV, choose auto
program and/or channel search and follow the prompts. Once this is
done, scrolling through the channels via remote should appear no
different than if the channels were in numerical sequence.

To view all the channels on the new line-up you will need to convert to
a digital TV or will require a set-top digital box. The digital box line-up will also be changing at this time. Please call our office to discuss your options.

Please call or come by our office to get an updated channel line-up.
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